How to get a better rate than a money market account.

How to get yield in today’s 0% environment If you’re looking at your tax statements from your checking, savings, CD’s, or Money market accounts you may be impressed by how little your savings and investments have returned in the last year. That’s because the federal funds rate – the rate that it costs banks to … Continue reading

Goodbye Cruel Debt

The greatest way to accumulate long term wealth is to get out of debt and stay out of debt. This mantra should be tattooed on your knuckles, so that every time you reach for that credit card you are reminded of the cruel economic reality of incurring debt. The most tempting time to go into … Continue reading

How Will the Revolution in Egypt affect my investments?

The question on every investor’s mind this week is; “How does the situation in Egypt affect my investment strategy?” After some research and careful thought on my part, I think it will affect you in 3 different ways. 1)      As of 1/30/11 it looks as if the protestors will succeed in having some major reform … Continue reading

What’ll we do with all this cash?

US corporations are drowning in a sea of cash. Well, maybe not drowning, maybe a little bit closer to wading; either way, nonfinancial companies in the US hold roughly 2 Billion dollars in cash and other liquid assets on their balance sheets, the largest balance share since 1959. What’s a wealthy corporation to do? Until … Continue reading

One financial stock you shouldn’t start the New Year without!

Imagine you are 65 years old, and have just retired after 30 years working at a corporate job. You’ve had a 401k that was invested by a manager at your company, and you now need to convert those assets into a steady and safe stream of income. Where do you start? If you’re like most … Continue reading