This blog will focus on using your financial means to live richly. Notice that this isn’t focused on being the richest man in town, or retiring at 25. I believe that you should be focused on living your life in the manner that will grant you the most happiness, and that your financial security should be a means to that end.

I can’t give my real name for now, as I’m a financial advisor for a well-established investment management firm where I manage 30 million dollars for 150 affluent clients.

I will share with you the financial foundations for accumulating long term wealth, and how to balance that with short term gratification and happiness.

As we progress through the foundations of financial planning and the building blocks for long term wealth, this blog will unavoidably be focused on investment ideas and current economic and stock market analysis. Until then, let’s go along for the ride, as an experienced investment professional shows you how the wealthiest people in Denver CO, live richly.

We will start the blog by looking at these issues
1.) Income and Outgo – the only two metrics that matter
2.) Debt
3.) Insurance, a necessary evil
4.) Short Term Savings Goals
5.) Taxes
6.) Investment Planning
7.) Retirement Planning (What joy….)
8.) Estate Planning

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