How Will the Revolution in Egypt affect my investments?

The question on every investor’s mind this week is; “How does the situation in Egypt affect my investment strategy?” After some research and careful thought on my part, I think it will affect you in 3 different ways. 1)      As of 1/30/11 it looks as if the protestors will succeed in having some major reform … Continue reading

What’ll we do with all this cash?

US corporations are drowning in a sea of cash. Well, maybe not drowning, maybe a little bit closer to wading; either way, nonfinancial companies in the US hold roughly 2 Billion dollars in cash and other liquid assets on their balance sheets, the largest balance share since 1959. What’s a wealthy corporation to do? Until … Continue reading

Thoughts on Bailout’s, QE2, & The Banking Crisis

It’s long been argued that the best way to cure a hangover is to have another drink when you wake up, but as the world economy sways and wobbles its way out of bed after a few too many drinks the decade before, we are being bluntly reminded that having a few more drinks leads … Continue reading