Thoughts on Bailout’s, QE2, & The Banking Crisis

It’s long been argued that the best way to cure a hangover is to have another drink when you wake up, but as the world economy sways and wobbles its way out of bed after a few too many drinks the decade before, we are being bluntly reminded that having a few more drinks leads … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! I’ve got a couple of good posts coming this week about setting financial goals for the new year.

If you are lazy, you will be poor.

I am not a fan of swearing, but I want to share a story that will stick in my mind forever. As I was in the process of selling my screen printing business I began the interview process with various investment and private equity firms. I drove to Boulder in March of 2007 to interview … Continue reading

Thinking about stock investing with a different perspective

So now you want to have the gold cup of possessing $1000 in liquid assets, unencumbered by any state enforced age of maturity, and you want it to be earning money for you – where do you start? Well, before we get too deep in investing in commodities vs emerging market debt, let’s take a … Continue reading

How to Become a Millionaire

Cute title eh? Everyone’s focused on becoming a millionaire – it seems like most book titles, articles, and inspirational speakers always want include millionaire in their title? Why? Well it’s exciting for one. A million dollars has two commas instead of one boring comma. Also, if you have a million dollars there’s really no limit … Continue reading

Step 5 – Accumulating Wealth

This is everybody’s favorite area because you get a lot of flexibility and freedom to build wealth in a way that makes you happiest. Whether you choose buying/starting a business, buying stocks, purchasing real estate, or flipping houses this is where personal flexibility and ingenuity really allow your personal wealth to begin to grow. While … Continue reading

Insurance – Step 4

In the world of necessary evils I can think of nothing more annoying than having to always request no mayo whenever you’re in Canada. However, in the realm of money related necessary annoyances none is more necessary or annoying then insurance. Insurance is necessary due to the fact that accidents do indeed happen to the … Continue reading

Financial Security Step 3 – Cash Reserve

The Foundation for Wealth There is no exception to this rule: The very foundation of financial security lies in having an adequate cash reserve. The very foundation of financial security lies in having an adequate cash reserve. The very foundation of financial security lies in having an adequate cash reserve. When your debt is paid … Continue reading

Is Janus Capital a buy?

I will step back from the overall philosophy of long term sustainable wealth to make a quick blurb about Janus (JNS) as I have made a couple of 10%+ swing trades of Janus in the past couple months. While I have bought Janus every time it’s dropped below $10.75 this year and sold it above … Continue reading

To Debt, or Not to Debt? Step 2

Of all the tom-foolery I’ve heard in my life, none is more cringe inducing then the phrase “good debt.” Good debt is as oxy-moronic a term as hot-cold or wet-dry. Debt is not an instrument for the sophisticated, not a great way to leverage your way up in the world, and certainly not a way … Continue reading